Failure of the gods–clarification


I have been told that my remarks about Michael Jordan were not fair–fifteen years is not so great a disparity in age. That’s true. What particularly bothered me was that Michael Jordan is an intelligent guy, and–not to disparage the intelligence of bikini models–he might have chosen a woman more his match. She’s primally hot, mind you, but his interest in his first wife waned as her youth did, and one can guess what will happen with this one. His lawyer did, and wrote an iron-clad pre-nup.

This basketball player has always exuded class.


Julius Erving (Dr J) was not only a magnificent, dramatic presence on the court, he remains elegant and beautifully spoken.  He also married a beautiful woman, had a number of children (four), and then divorced her.

This is his second wife. What awaits her?Julius Erving and Dorys Madden

The greatest white basketball player of our time was Larry Bird.


Conflicts occur on the court, and here is one he had with Dr J.

Could this have been an impromptu chat about attitudes toward women? Could he have been commenting on Dr J’s extra-curricular fertilizations (one of which produced a professional tennis player, who he didn’t publicly acknowledge until she was playing at Wimbledon)?

Larry Bird has a different take on marriage. Here he is with his first and only wife.


Why is he different? In part it is provenance: he is a small-town boy from Indiana, and Michael and Dr J are metropolitan/cosmopolitan (and handsome).

The difference is certainly not about race. Here is very white man Kenny Rogers.Kenny Rogers, Wanda Rogers

Then again, Kenny is in show biz, and many men in show biz make asses of themselves this way. They are the epitome of male simplicity.

I would like to post a gallery of the best “May to New Year’s Eve” marriages. Please send names and/or photos. The earlier wives of these men were lucky to escape–which they did with huge divorce settlements. Perhaps not a bad way to go: early life in the limelight, then a very comfortable midlife and thereafter.

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