Once again, gods fail men


Men desire young women.  They’re the fertile ones, and that’s how we’re wired.

But in middle age, most men would rather have a circumcision than start a family–excruciating for first-timers, and incomprehensibly painful for those who have already been through it.  What they need in a lover is exactly what women their age have to offer–comfort, kindness, sensuality.

Can middle-aged men learn to want the ones they should want? Not without consultation. The Gods of Malehood tell them what to drink, what to wear, where to bank, what to drive–surely they know who to bed and who to wed.

Here, as in most ways, gods fail men. Michael Jordan, the World’s Supreme Athlete, just turned 50. He decided to marry for a second time.  He chose a 35-year-old one-time bikini model from Cuba.



His first wife was also a model.  His first divorce cost him $168 million.


If everyone wants to Be Like Mike, what hope is there?

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