One never knows

While gestating a book, many writers seal it off from the world as carefully as if it were a fetus in a womb; exposed prematurely, a book can be snuffed even by an innocent offhand remark. However, after a long incubation–in this case nine years–you deliver a hothouse product into a cold world. You hope that readers will read what you think you’ve written; but you don’t know until they tell you.

Yesterday this review was posted on She is just one reader, but at least to her I conveyed exactly what I had hoped. Until then I was not sure.

All Five Star ReviewsIn an Evolving World….
By Samantha (Manhattan, New York USA)

While reading about the wild sexual/romantic journey of several middle-aged women in Daniel Weiss’ latest book, I wondered whom the book was ultimately intended for, women? Men? Both? As a middle-aged woman myself, I was engrossed with the stories; they and the author’s observations made me deeply reflect on my own journey. Men may find themselves jealous of the great opportunities and freedoms the author enjoys. It would be better if they could learn ways to better entice the G spot to respond (there’s a lesson in there!). Or, better yet, to turn around their view of middle-aged women (if lacking).

The brilliant, revolutionary (and evolutionary) insight in this book, in the author’s words, “the survival of our species no longer depends on our ability to find a fit, fertile partner,” is surely welcome and needed, and Mr. Weiss makes a favorable case for it.

The author is transformed throughout the course of his research and relationships with the women in the stories, and, almost paradoxically, while seemingly stepping away from his biology (the drive for young, fertile women to reproduce with), he embraces it instead by unleashing his animality in newly found freedom.

All this told in superb, punchy prose, filled with acute insights on relationships and people, and oozing love for women.


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