The Orgasm Gap

Like most Facebook users, I am often amazed at the things some people choose to post. For example:

Somebody had to go into a coal mine and dig up a few chunks to generate enough electricity to propagate this around cyberspace.

But this one is worse:

The Orgasm Gap: The Real Reason Women Get Off Less Often Than Men and How to Fix It

When John Kennedy was running for President, he blared warnings of the “missile gap” between the US and the USSR, and the mortal danger the country had been put in by incompetent politicians. The truth was that the US had many times more missiles than  the USSR. This was pure fear-mongering, and achieved nothing but millions of sleepless nights (and the presidency for Kennedy).

What I found during my scores of interviews (and in the reputable literature) was that among those of us old enough to remember the “missile gap,” the orgasm gap is just as great–and is also the reverse of the headlines. Women’s sexual capabilities grow dramatically over time, and men’s wane. If there ever is a shooting war between the sexes, men don’t stand a chance.



2 thoughts on “The Orgasm Gap

  1. Years ago I truly believed that women could not reach that state as often as men do – I was one of them. And no doubt it is still true for a lot of women. The real reason women get off less often is because many are less into masturbating. And their men don’t help the situation.

    Physically, women can stay up/over there forever, almost – we do have to eat, drink and sleep – if our men (or women) knew how to help us reach that point. Physical stimulation is just the starter. Mental and emotional engagement is the ultimate stimulus. I’m talking from experience, as a receiver and as a giver (anonymously, because I don’t want to be accused of bragging.) So many women could be so much happier if they knew this, and had lovers who either knew it or were open to learning.

  2. For years I would watch women ejaculate in porno films and I was convinced it was fake.

    In my early 50’s I got divorced after a long marriage. The sex had completely stopped for 2 years, and I believed that because of my menopause, I had completely “dried up”, and lacked any secretions to enable normal intercourse. I assumed my sex life was over. I had believed I had enjoyed a good sex life during my marriage.
    After my divorce I met a man I fell in love with. I quickly learned (in fact during our 1st sexual experience together), that I certainly did not lack vaginal secretions…in fact quite the opposite.
    I soon found that being with a man where there was not only love but a generosity in love making I had never seen before, that I was a major ejaculator or “squirter” .

    I learned that not only was my sex life not over…it was just beginning in my mid 50’s!

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