Personal magic — I finally got this done

Thirty-two years ago I began a novel, which would not be published in these United States for fifteen years. One more perceptive than I might have gotten the message: You should go to business school.

The narrator of this novel, a roach who grew up in the Bible, and absorbed its content along with its binding paste (much to the detriment of him and his colony), has stayed with me all this time. Just as I often used to wonder how little details of daily life looked to my young daughter (when she was young), I still think about how they would look to him: part insect, part prophet, and wholly disgusted. Finally, after many years, I’m letting him loose in a blog: The Roaches Have No King.

The Roaches Have No King   Words kill  It s time to kill them back.

2 thoughts on “Personal magic — I finally got this done

  1. I’ve been putting off responding to your blog; I’m a friend of your sister Judith’s and she turned me on to your books. As a middle-aged woman I’ve been reading the previous entries with some interest but staying away from discussion. However, I must respond to this because I absolutely loved The Roaches Have No King. It was the first novel of yours that I read, and still my favorite (I’ve also read Honk if you Love Aphrodite and The Swine’s Wedding). So funny – so clever – so much truth in that book. I will immediately postmark that blog. Thanks for the middle-aged woman props.

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