Young artist leads the middle-aged out of sexual darkness: discovers something called the “clitoris”

One intrepid young female artist has taken it upon herself to cast light into the dungeon of ignorance that is middle-age sex. "It's appalling and shocking to think that scientifically, the clitoris was only discovered in 1998," says Sophia Wallace. The problem is, you see, that "there's still such ignorance when it comes to the female body."

This comes as quite a shock to the tens of millions of women of our generation who have been quite on top of the clitoris for most of their lives, and the millions of us who have been worshipping at its shrine. Not to beat my own drum–no, actually, to beat my own drum–I devote tender attention to the biology of the clitoris in The Magic of Middle-Aged Women. If she reads it, Ms Wallace may be surprised to find that the physiology is more subtle than she has discovered.

She opines, "It is a curious dilemma to observe the paradox that on the one hand the female body is the primary metaphor for sexuality… Yet, the clitoris, the true female sexual organ, is virtually invisible." So very true. She may be surprised to know that for many women the center of sexuality is the brain, and that is completely invisible.

What is obviously the story here is that Ms Wallace herself has finally discovered HER clitoris, and, with the supreme egoism of youth, assumes that the world is in concert with her–though a few steps behind. She extends her (washed off) hand to us in her campaign for "cliteracy," involving street art and interactive installments. 


One hopes that when Ms Wallace reaches middle age and finally experiences vaginal orgasms, she will look back on this campaign as a forgivable embarrassment. Now the rest of us can try to extend similar generosity to the Huffington Post, and other electronic rags that have chosen to broadcast this sophomoric bilge into our lives. 


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