Sacrifice of the virgin

James Woods 66 Kristen Bauguess 20This is unsavory actor James Woods, 66, with his 20-year-old girlfriend. ¬†Galling though it is that someone like him can land a woman this age, isn’t it fortunate that he is out of the middle-aged dating pool? ¬†Young ladies have the advantage in the mating game of being young and fertile; they also carry the burden of being young and stupid.

2 thoughts on “Sacrifice of the virgin

  1. She must be really happy with that huge nose. Or maybe the guy has enough sensitivity to please her. In any case, her stupidity of young age is his problem, not hers. If he even notices. She has nothing to lose. She will outlive him, by far, and his money will benefit her in future selections.

  2. I find that to be nothing but sad for both. She knows he only wants her young body, he knows she only wants his wealth and prestige. Such low requirements.

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