Oops, wrong hat! When the Magic goes wrong.

bullwinkleThere has been some less than sunny news about the health of middle-aged women.  One recent report finds that their stress often manifests physically, as aches, pains, migraines, and gastrointenstinal problems.  One of the authors opines that the huge changes in our generation, which sent most women into the workplace, also brought them new forms of stress. Retirement–living at home after decades at work–is a huge dislocation; women of previous generations, who spent their lives at home, did not experience it.

Another study reports that depression may boost the risk of stroke in middle-aged women, and yet another says that there has been a dramatic rise in the suicide rate among the middle-aged. Since women are twice as likely as men to experience depression, these ills falls  disproportionately on them.

There is no magic if there is no risk.  The good news is that women who seek help are now more likely to find it, because the medical/psychological professions recognize the risks as real (and not just some old chicks sounding off because they’ve got nothing better to do).houdini_magic_upsidedown

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