Happy New Year to you Jews from me and the clan. (I’m not really German, I swear.)



Shana Tova, Jewish humans, from me and the family.  We're called the German roach, but we're not, I swear by the Entity That Put Us Here Way Before You.  As it is written in The Roaches Have No King: 

Columbo said, "Yes, but if you want to talk roots, we're African. The west German humans call us the French roach, the eastern Germans call us the Russian roach, and the southern and northern Germans name us after each other. We have an image problem. But let's not forget who made up the name—the animal who calls itself 'Homo sapiens.'

"Latin for 'thinking faggot,'" said Miller.

Columbo said, "Humans trace homo to the Indo-European 'dhghom-on,' meaning 'earthling.' But it's African, savannah dialect. When the hairy runt first fell out of the tree, we cried, 'Hoho!' The name stuck."

(Courtesy of Numbers the roach.)

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