Learn about diversity: kill Americans and send in the bodies for DNA analysis


The Rockefeller University announced a research project in its “Program for the Human Environment.”  It is enlisting science-minded high school students around the country to do the field work.  This is the project description:


High school students and other citizen scientists collecting and helping analyze Americans using DNA barcoding.


Genetic diversity is a window into evolution and patterns of migration. Americans originated in Africa and hitchhiked around the world on commercial goods. This project asks:

  • Do Americans differ genetically between cities?
  • Do US genetic types match those in other parts of the world?
  • Are there genetic types that represent undiscovered look-alike species?


To participate, collect a dead American.

What you need

  • American (dead)
  • Specimen label with collection location, date
  • Mailing materials

What you get

  • Thrill of scientific discovery with DNA
  • Cool topic to talk about with friends
  • DNA sequences you can analyze to study evolution
All you Homo sapiens must think this is either appalling, or a joke. In fact it is real. I made one small change.  From the official document I removed one word: roach. The project needs dead American roaches (Periplaneta americana).
And now you think it’s fine, right?
Humans make me sick.

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