Now where will we get our feces?

GooseWasteThis is too rich.

DALLAS, N.C. — Dozens of people have gathered in a Gaston County park for a memorial service for 144 Canadian geese that were euthanized by county workers worried they had become a health hazard.

The service Friday night included 144 fresh-cut daisies and carnations and songs. Several people at the service discussed putting together a rescue group for geese.

During the mid 20th century, when the population of this giant, vicious, destructive animal was in natural balance, you “protected” it.  Its numbers went crazy.  Today it collides with planes, destroys gardens, attacks people, and shits all over your  lawns, parks, streets, ponds, and children. When someone makes a tiny corrective measure, you mourn.

A simple calculation:

c poop

This means that every year, Canadian geese produce 4,175,600,000 pounds–more than two million tons!–of shit.  That’s three times the amount of butter produced in the entire country.

Why not kill the geese, and just smear the butter all over your lawns, parks, streets, ponds, and children?

Let me remind you that this is what dung beetles do with excrement: roll it away, then recycle it.


Who mourns the slain beetles?



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