“Roach-eating champion choked to death on bug parts”

cockroach-eating-competition-300x235Sometimes I think there may be a God after all.

Last October in Broward, Florida, a group of enlightened Homo sapiens congregated for a “roach-eating contest.”  That’s right–Thinking man was eating roaches not because he was hungry, but for sport.  Thirty contestants were vying to win rare snakes. Snakes–animals that spend their lives locomoting through others’ droppings.

A video–please do watch it!–shows one Homo sapiens “forcing handfuls of the live bugs down his throat, covering his mouth with his hands to keep them from crawling out. He appears to be half-chewing as he swallows, finally pounding on his chest and raising his arms in triumph with bug parts poking out of his mouth.” This is the one time in my life I wish I had been in Florida.

A University of Florida entomologist said that when you bite into these large insects, “you’re going to get a gush of fat bodies, the gut content and the hemolymph — essentially insect blood. As you bite down, that’s going to put pressure on the exoskeleton, so when it’s ruptured, it’s going to squirt.”

The winner collected his trophy–a $850 ivory ball python–then started vomiting, and collapsed.




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