Come and get it!

obeseGlucose is bad for both your kind and mine, but for different reasons.  We do not overeat; roaches do not get fat.  The danger for us is that you mix it with poison and leave it out as bait.  You’ve killed millions.  Good work.

It’s wonderful solace to see what glucose does to you.  If you watch nature shows, you’ve seen animals which are invaded by parasites, bloat hugely as they are consumed, and then die piteously.  We see much the same in you–except that you do it without parasites.  You turn yourself into gelatinous monsters, rolling with fat, and die gruesome, premature deaths.  Why don’t you stop yourselves?  Where is your pride?  Does fat hang so thickly from your eyebrows so that you cannot see a mirror?  What images must you summon when you mount each other?

The solution, for all, is simply not to eat glucose.  We no longer do.  About thirty years ago, we accepted that glucose caused death.  More than that, we adapted; our genes changed–evolved, if you like.  We no longer lust for glucose.

Will you learn about glucose?  Will you adapt?  Put the poisoned glucose out for us.  We’ll leave it for you, with best wishes.

Cockroaches quickly lose sweet tooth to survive.



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