Soul of the city, pt 1

il_570xN.424550818_c91vWith all due respect, you make me sick. You “discover” land, as if when your your leaky tubs arrived you were expecting to find porridge.  You “claim” land, like a baby who plants a twig in the sand and claims the ocean.  (When his soggy diaper falls and spills, for the day, at least, that small territory is his.)

And now your pestilent hand reaches again into the language, the one place we felt safe. Your “urban” people have made a dictionary.  Most dictionaries have many definitions for each word.  The “urban” dictionary isn’t big on words, but it is rich with “meanings.”

A few examples:


The reminisce of a smoked joint. Once a J becomes the roach it can become very difficult to hit and it is best to usually give it to the “roach master.”
A roach master is someone who can hit the roach no matter how small it gets and commonly sells cigarettes for a dollar.

–“dude i don’t think this joint is lit anymore, its the roach”

–“dude give it to the roach master!”

Related words:

cigarettes, weed, joint



Someone who is incredibly busted in the appearance department. They try so hard to look good but it just isnt working for them. Can also apply to skanks and sluts.

Ex. “Hey look at that whore over there.” “Yeah, she’s a total roach.”

Related words:

slut, skank, whore, hoe, busted




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