“Researchers” get off on cockroach bondage porn

As if we’ve never heard this excuse before: A video comes to light with the most appalling sadistic element, and the people responsible claim it was for “research”.  Click the image above and watch.  Note the jaunty “no one is doing anything wrong here!” music.

Roaches are fastidiously clean.  (If you’re surprised, you’re beyond a racist–you’re a specieist.)  Our habits make cats look like hobos.  Most important are the antennae, of course.  They detect us odors, tiny motions in their air, and chemicals of all sort.  We keep them immaculate.

Here’s the claim.  “Researchers” of cockroach behavior needed to find out what this cleaning accomplished, so they GLUED a victim’s mouthparts to prevent him from grooming.  GLUED!  Even in human BDSM porn, which is revolting, they never go so low.

“Researchers” noticed a “shiny, waxy buildup on the antennae that clogs the tiny pores that lead to odor-sensing cells.” Not wanting to confuse the readers of their findings, they called it “gunk.”  Many thousands of dollars later they found out that gunk interfered with the function of antennae.

No roach would glue a human’s mouth, much as we might want to (more to stop the talking than the eating).  It’s barbaric.  If there is anything we seek to know, we do research in the field.

Next time you see a picture of a human lying in the debris of an earthquake, or expiring because of crop failure, don’t be upset at the insects swarming all over its face.  They’re fact-finding.


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