The N-word circles menacingly above the bookshelf

Huck Finn and MosesI recently had a talk with my nephew Huck Finn, who grew up eating through Mark Twain’s book. He was very upset. Because the “N-word” was no longer acceptable, he heard his ancestral home would be removed and replaced. What was worse, he didn’t know what “N-word” was. He had never come across it.

He said, “I squoze in an’ I reckon I dint see ‘N-word’ nowhere. I dont git it.”

I didn’t either. ¬†Why take a book away if the offending term wasn’t in it?

He said, “I hear the humuns sayin’, ‘Dont say the “N-word,’ and then all do is ‘N-word, N-word, N-word.’ Dont make no sense.”

In all of the Bible, I haven’t seen “N-word” either. So if Huck Finn was endangered for a word he didn’t have, wasn’t I as well?

More to come, I’m sure.



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