Islam saving humans from extinction

Boko haram

A week ago, Boko Haram, a group of gentlemen striving to turn Nigeria into a sharia state, kidnapped 276 girls from their school. Boko Haram insists that educating women violates the will of Allah. These girls will now be sold as sex slaves or child brides, which is more what the deity had in mind for them.

It is impossible to argue with the fundamental Darwinian logic of Boko Haram.  As shown here

women education babies

educated women bear many few women than do those who remain illiterate. Other religions claim to be guardians of humanity, but men stand by while women render themselves infertile by reading. Islam alone understands that the future of the species can be guaranteed only by female illiteracy and ignorance. 


(Courtesy of Numbers the roach.)


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